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Solà Clàssic

Coupage of Grenache and Carignan, before us we have an “honest” wine with interesting vanilla and ripe fruit notes which blend perfectly with the typical priorat mineral notes. Solà Classic 2007 offers an excellent expression and balance achieved through its freshness and its amazing aromas.

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Lo Peix

A bright and transparent biological wine, with a rich intense golden yellow color

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Solà Blue

A perfectly blended coupage of organically grown Grenache & Carignan varieties. Aged for 6 months in new American oak barrels, before us we have an expressive Priorat signature wine. A deep, lively cherry red with violet edges, Solà 1777 Bleu reveals aromas of cinnamon, toffee & coffee beans . In mouth we find a fresh, smooth and velvety wine with a kind and gentle acidity. With hints of balsamic minerals, milk-coffee liquor and the clear presence of red fruits, with slight hints of smoked oak, Solà 1777 Bleu is the perfect interpretation of a Priorat red.

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Vinyes Josep

An exceptional wine with great personality. In mouth we have a powerful and fresh wine with a long after-mouth. With an intense colour, Vinyes Josep offers aromas of fresh fruit with touches of roasted oak and the typical balsamic hints. If we aerate the wine new aromas appear, giving a fantastic olfactory and gustatory evolution. A complex yet simple wine which brings us the Priorat notes of the past with an avant-garde sensitivity. Classy, modern and innovative are synonyms of Vinyes Josep

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Solà Natural

Vi natural, sense res més que raïm ecològic de garnatxa i carinyena, conreu tradicional, fermentació espontànea, i embotellat. Una sorpresa, un descobriment dels aromes i notes més originàries d’un Priorat fresc i intens

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Solà Red

The blend of the two traditional varieties of the Priorat zone – Grenache & Mazuelo – from vines of over 60 years old – is the secret of this spectacular organic wine. Aged during 12 months in French oak barrels, Solà 1777 Red reveals a silky, intense and balanced wine with a deep cherry red colour and great personality. In nose we encounter the aromas of sun-dried herbs, aniseed, as well as the spicy notes of black pepper and clove. In mouth Solà 1777Red draws out the secrets of dark chocolate, black coffee beans, black forest fruits, with a touch of fresh acidity and the unmistakable richness of liquor of cassis, all of which do not disguise the richness of the Grenache & Mazuelo and the characteristic balsamic nuances of the terroir

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Vinyes Teresa

Vinyes Teresa, una nena i un somni, que s’enlaira per crear un raïm, raïm acurat, mimat, estimat com la Teresa l’àvia ha tingut cura dels nets, com la Teresa la mare que ha fet grans les filles, com la Teresa l’esposa…

Un somni fet del conreu tradicional de raïm ecològic de samsó, criat tres anys en delicat roure francès de Bosgues/Allier, reposat en ampolla, sense filtrar, sense res més que voler retre un homenatge a la Teresa àvia, mare i esposa.

Vinyes Teresa, 100% samsó, color vermell picota, fruita fresca en nas, roure suau, elegant. agradable acidesa, frescor, amplitud, mineralitat del Priorat.

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Solà 2 Classic

High density, lively and bright burgundy red. Enjoys the characteristic mineral touches of the Priorat area. In nose we enjoy fresh red fruit with hints of balsamic. A full mouth with a long lasting after-mouth which places us as a Classic Priorat. With a slight oxygenation in the glass we potentiate exponentially its aromas and character

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