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The tigh link between the Barceló family and the land is not only historic, but is also the main reason for which they decided to strengthen the bind by opting to recover the true Priorat spirit – the wine which was once so popular with the locals. Today we encounter Solà Classic, a traditional elixir with true identity and personality. The classic and traditional merges with ecology, technology and modernity to offer an exquisite round and balanced red wine to a connosseur market.
All our wines are elaborated with traditional methods, beginning with a manual harvesting, where every bunch of grapes is carefully separated from the vine and deposited in hempen baskets. Later the grapes will be manually selected following the criteria of the oenologist to become the base of the Solà Classic coupages.
Day after day, we pamper the land, select the best grapes, work the vineyards with the fondness and the respect that they deserve, just like our forbears did, so as not to lose the noble characteristic of our Priorat wines and therefore, year after year we can guarantee a future and offer our best and most exclusive selection of Solà Classic wines.


Solà Classic relies on the collaboration of a team of young professionals whom with, dedication, effort and perserverance, produce signature wines, the most famous being Vinyes Josep, a homage to Mr Barceló, current owner and inheritor of the Mas Hereu Estate.
The constant determination and philosophy of the team towards protecting the environment and improving our wines has enabled us to obtain the certification of “biological vineyard” for just under 50% of the plantation – 6ha – and within the next few years we will be proud to achieve the same nomination for the remaining land.
All the grapes used for the elaboration of the wines origin exclusively from the Mas Hereu estate, guaranteeing the quality of the raw material and therefore that of all Solà Classic wines. Most of the vines are aged between 45 to 75 years old, thus ensuring unique personality and characteristics.
Thanks to this incessant search of improvement, we can offer you a wide range of Solà Classic wines: Solà Classic 2004, Solà Classic 2005 and Great Solà Classic, Vinyes Josep 2005 and Solà Classic 2007, Vinyes Josep 2008, Solà Classic 2008 and a new line which we shall began commercialising this year 2010 called QUISENS.

The future

Our philosophy is to carry on maintaining and standing by our ideals of working hand in hand with the land, giving back what we take. In the very near future, the whole estate will be able to enjoy the Ecological label for which we have so hard worked for. So far, only 50% of our land is classified as ecological.
The Solà Classic members trust and believe that the traditional ecological method is the best way to pay tribute to the land and also has a direct impact on the quality of the fruit and the wines. These ideal are shortly to be applied on the restoration of the old farmhouse – Mas Hereu – the objective is to restore it to its former brilliance using solely local and natural materials, such as the stone, sand and wood, and eventually transfer the winery to these installations, hence emitting less pollutants into the atmosphere. The new installations will also imply that the time between harvest and vinification is shortened by 80%, maintaining intact the qualities and virtues of the grape prior to the vinification process.